The Lean model – What does Lean mean?

The Lean method is an approach businesses across many industries use to streamline workflows and ensure that information is visible and accessible. So, what is the outcome? Businesses make better decisions, increase collaboration and ultimately generate more profit.

The Lean model has primarily been applied to businesses within the production and manufacturing industries, but its benefits have even extended to other industries like healthcare. Experience the advantages of Lean for yourself with Mevisio!

What is Lean and how did it come about?

It all started with Toyota, that giant car manufacturer in Japan. At its core, Lean is an ideology that is meant to minimize communication gaps and long, drawn-out manufacturing processes and instead maximize customer satisfaction. Today, many organizations have come to recognize the benefits of Lean principles. And yes, the word lean means exactly what you think it means: slim without any excess fat. That’s actually the whole point. The idea is that organizations should get rid of unnecessary fat and keep the healthy, strong muscle.

Lean at work

Lean centers around visualizing business operations. Through the Lean model, existing work processes along with potential problems and improvements are visible and accessible.

  • Communication improves
  • There are fewer mistakes from the get-go
  • The business gains time and energy
  • Workflows become streamlined

The Lean method is also based on many different values, such as respecting individuals, making things as simple as possible and focusing on the benefits that a business provides. Lean is a modern work solution to quickly and easily gain control over everyday business workflows and to focus on common goals.

The difference between Lean and analogue processes

Before the widespread use of digital tools, businesses often relied on whiteboards or overhead projectors to provide supporting visuals in a meeting. Passing that analogue information onward would take time, effort and sometimes resulted in miscommunication or missed action items.

But the digital Lean process is completely different. Everything happens in the cloud in a highly visual and flexible way. Team members are able to access information and follow processes and questions in real time. This lays the groundwork for significantly better communication.

The 7 unnecessary wastes of Lean (MUDA)

According to the Lean model, there are seven unnecessary wastes that should be avoided to reduce mishaps and problems:

  1. Overproduction
  2. Waiting
  3.  Too much inventory
  4. Defects or reworking
  5. Overprocessing
  6. Transportation
  7. Unnecessary motion

The Lean method was created to identify and prevent these unnecessary wastes and instead focus on customer satisfaction and the benefits of the business. People often talk about an eighth waste, which is not utilizing an individual’s skills and talents, and it is important to point out that all work surrounding Lean builds on that principle.

How to succeed with Lean

Effective visualization and efficient work are the foundation of Lean. And that is where Mevisio is able to give you what you need. However, the entire business needs to be aligned in working toward the goals and values that Lean stands for.

Strategies and goals need to be clearly defined and set. Management also needs to commit to the entire purpose and method of Lean. It’s also important to adapt the principle to fit your business, and it’s even better if the business’s strategies, goals and principles are visualized. Last but not least, it’s important to remember that it can take time for everyone in the business to adopt this approach.

Lean with Mevisio – a cloud-based and visual platform

Mevisio gives you and your company a much greater chance of coordinating flows and following through on commitments and efficiency efforts. That, in turn, results in lower costs and increased profits. Our platform has streamlined work for many different industries such as manufacturing and healthcare. Companies have also found much value in Lean Administration when it comes to their administrative work.

What do we do at Mevisio?

Mevisio provides an effective and visual platform where you can manage your business and its many processes on a daily basis with the help of digital boards. The platform is expertly combined with large touch screens (digital whiteboards) with a simple set-up that syncs information between various boards and other systems. The specially adapted boards offer a variety of helpful and beneficial features:

  • Send notes between different boards
  • Present online and control everything from your computer or tablet, no matter where you are
  • Streamline information sharing between teams and departments in real time
  • Visualize your ideas in a concrete and understandable way

The possibilities our platform offers

Our Lean model allows businesses across different industries to simplify their day-to-day work. Many of our customers operate within the production and healthcare industries.

  • Lean manufacturing – Gives you a 100% overview of and complete control over all manufacturing processes at every stage.
  • Lean healthcare – Gives you the opportunity to follow up on incidents, monitor patient safety and distribute resources more effectively.
  • Make your daily operations more efficient – For day-to-day workflow, Lean is essential for setting goals, following up, assessing opportunities and accessing information.
  • Implement strategies for the future – Businesses sometimes need new strategies to stay abreast of market needs. Our platform helps you implement new strategies in a smart way.

All these possibilities lead to enhanced knowledge and increased employee engagement across the board. Thanks to our cloud-based and digital platform, everything happens in real time, and all data and information is made visible instantly – to everyone. 

Get started with digital Lean!

Interested in what Lean can do for you and your company? Request a demo account with us at Mevisio. You can also sign up for a demo account.

With the demo, you’ll learn how our platform works, how to use our digital boards and about all the benefits that come with the system. We are adapting the Lean method for the digital era and modernizing it to meet the needs of both today and tomorrow. This means you can take advantage of a communicative and adapted model that simplifies all your work processes. Get in touch to find out more, and we’ll show you how you can take control of your business.

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