Digitize your daily operations management

Daily operations management with digital boards

Visualize your goals

Visualizing your targets on a large screen ensures that everyone knows what’s important and what the current state is compared to the goal.

Focus and prioritize

The awareness that comes with visualizing information brings clarity to your team and creates a shared path towards your business goals.

Identify opportunities

When everyone is engaged with the business goals, it becomes natural to collaborate, problem solve and identify opportunities in support of those goals.
Daily operations management with interactive digital boards

Transform your daily operations

With Mevisio you can see your targets and current statuses at a glance - wherever you are. View the operational boards from the office or bring them with you on the Gemba Walk.

The success factors of Daily Operations Management

Daily operations management has been successfully used by many companies for planning and follow-up of their operations. Most of our customers base their daily management on Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, Six Sigma or the Toyota Production System. In these practises, principles for visualization and problem solving are important components for increased quality, service and profitability.

By visualizing goals, plans and deviations on large screens and having short daily meetings, a steady cadence is created for solving problems, realizing opportunities and steering your business towards the operational goals.

In addition, the effect of daily operations management often means that you’ll gain higher efficiency in your business, beat your competitors and increase your market share.

The Daily Management Board

Using interactive data visualization boards are central tools for bringing everything together in the daily operations management. The data you display can vary depending on your goals and the current performance of your business. The board should contain the most important information for the area it’s designed for. Therefore, consider the tiers of the daily management procedures when designing the boards for each team in your organization.

Once the content of your boards is sorted, you can get started on the discussion regarding how the layout should be designed. A good rule of thumb is to be able to read the board from left to right, and top down. This also makes the layout work as an agenda for the daily huddle.

The Daily Meeting (Daily Huddle)

The main purpose of the daily meeting should be to achieve a situation where all team members know exactly what the current performance is and what actions are needed to make sure that the targets are met.

It’s almost impossible to have an efficient meeting without a good board structure and to be able to set up a board that is perfectly aligned with the needs of the specific team, the tool has to be very flexible. Enter Mevisio. With our data visualization software you can customize almost every aspect of your boards to suit every team or department’s specific needs.

At a glance

Why digitize the Daily Management Board?

Increase the performance of your daily management by adding digital features such as escalation procedures, personal views, deployment of KPIs, aggregation of results, and providing a clear link between KPIs and actions.

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