Daily Huddle Process

The Daily Huddle Process, or DHP, has many versions and methods by which it exists. The foundation of this process lies in collecting shop floor or working data, charting it to identify opportunities or trends, and tracking activities designed to positively affect that data. The DHP process comes in various styles and flavors but the most common is SQDCI (other letter combinations are common too).

Each letter of the SQDCI process represents a particular area of the process that needs to be measured to ensure success: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Inventory. Each is measured by a specific method to calculate the success of that area of the organization, with goals being set and measured against using data collected by the team members performing the tasks associated.

As an example, Delivery is a measure of total output. It can be in dollars, number of units, total weight, or some other standard. Typically, this data is gathered each hour on every work cell, the total is calculated, and at some point, compared to an hourly goal set by the budget for the organization. This is a very manual process, requires lots of paper and often takes several team members the majority of their day to collect and track this data. In addition to this, daily charts or graphs get updated manually and require a highly organized and diligent team member to perform these tasks regularly.

Having a way to allow the data to be entered one time, and all of the calculations and charts to automatically update instantaneously provides several benefits. A reduction in manual collection, entries, and updates frees up valuable time for team members to work on problem solving. Reducing the paper and materials used in the manual process saves on costs and reduces the environmental impact of the organization. Most importantly, all team members are seeing the same data as it is happening, in the same place, with reports updating automatically with the most current information.

Mevisio is leading the way in real time visual data management and providing a foundation for truly using the DHP process to quickly identify where support is needed and allowing the team to focus on problem solving.

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