Enable efficient strategy execution & task management with Mevisio

Function-specific boards for activity planning

Organizational alignment

Keep focus on the strategic priorities by communicating objectives and targets in all tiers of your organization.

Drive engagement

Visualize what’s most important for your business and drive engagement through the entire organization.

Effective task management

Support quick decisions, manage actions and escalate easily with tools adapted to your organization’s workflows.

An efficient framework for strategy execution

One of the most important capabilities of a successful organization is the ability to align efforts with the strategic direction set by management. Numerous models are used for implementing a corporate strategy and communicating its objectives. Frameworks like OKR (Objectives and Key Result), the Balanced Scorecard, OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) and Hoshin Kanri (X-matrix) are examples of successful implementations.

Mevisio’s data visualization software is agnostic to the goal management framework you select. Instead, it lets you define your own workflows and visualizations. Mevisio’s flexibility also makes it easy for you to customize an existing framework or build your own. What matters the most is that you create alignment and accountability that boost your organizational performance.

Tier boards

A popular and very valuable feature of Mevisio is the ability to create boards for every tier in your organization. By connecting the boards you then enable effective communication of targets, measures and actions. Connected boards also allows for aggregating data from boards on lower tiers to provide valuable insights to managers in real-time. There’s no longer need to wait for the weekly or monthly report.

Furthermore, build your decision-making process for implementing actions into the platform and enable swift responses to abnormalities and issues.

Activity planning

Mevisio comes with powerful and flexible activity planning features, making it possible to build a task management framework that fits your specific requirements.

Arrange activities on multiple levels to reduce complexity in the tracking of progress and combine different ways of visualizing the activities to create the perfect board for your specific use case. Also, choose colors and other indicators with care to highlight activities that need extra attention. Use the activity boards for team meetings as well as for individual task management. With customized activity properties you can then analyze your data from different perspectives, such as cost and time reported.

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Lean Manufacturing

Take complete control of your business with Lean Manufacturing and Mevisio’s interactive data visualization software.

Lean Healthcare

Use Mevisio to allocate resources effectively, monitor incidents and increase patient safety.

Daily Operation Management

Keep track of your daily, monthly and yearly business goals by using Mevisio for your daily operations management.