Visualize data and align goals, in a way that fits your needs

With our customizable and interactive data visualization boards the possibilities are endless. Discover how you can leverage Mevisio to visualize your business’ performance and reach your goals.


Make each day more efficient

Gain an overview of your business performance in real-time and identify issues easily.

Add value to your work

Streamline your processes and create more value in your work, each and every day.

Align your team

Visualize what’s most important for your business and align team and company goals.

Continuous improvement

Enable and manage continuous improvement activities across multiple teams.

Easy task management

Assign, escalate and manage tasks efficiently, with tools adapted to your workflows.

Lean tools digitized

Run your daily management smoothly by combining Lean processes with digital solutions.

Lean Manufacturing

One of the main principles of Lean Manufacturing is to identify problems and highlight setbacks in order to make your business stronger. Take complete control of your business and execute your Lean Manufacturing processes using Mevisio’s data visualization software.


Daily operations management

Daily operation management helps you gain higher efficiency in your business, be competitive on the market and align goals through the entire organization. Keep track of your daily, monthly and yearly business goals by using Mevisio for your daily operations management.


Lean Healthcare

Lean Healthcare is all about applying the principles of Lean to the healthcare industry in order to improve the operations of hospitals and other healthcare providers. Use Mevisio to allocate resources effectively, monitor incidents and increase patient safety.

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Strategy execution

One of the most important capabilities of a successful organization is the ability to align its efforts in a strategic direction. Use Mevisio’s data visualization platform to keep focus on the strategic priorities and communicating objectives in all tiers of your organization.

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