The digital platform for visualization and teamwork

MEVISIO is a platform whose unique flexibility enables all types of businesses to use it to manage goals, planning and activities, for example.

Based on more than 20 years of experience

The platform has been developed based on more than 20 years of experience in visualization on large whiteboards, where daily meetings with the boards provide amazing results.

Now it’s time to digitize the concept!

MEVISIO — The Leader’s and the Team's best friend

We want you to get the maximum effect of your leadership and to reach your vision!

MEVISIO makes a big difference to your day as a leader. Getting all teams to achieve business goals is a tough challenge. With MEVISIO as a tool, you can focus on doing what you are passionate about such as creating drive and dedication in the meetings with your employees.

Daily meetings, an important part of Lean Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma have been used by many successful companies, where daily management meetings use (analog) whiteboards as one of the most common tools for shop floor management.

MEVISIO takes advantage of the benefits of the digital world, and with a big touchscreen, you keep the analog world's main advantage— being able to meet by the board.

Linked boards, customization, and usability

Our customers have chosen MEVISIO primarily for three reasons:


Linked boards — Escalate suggestions and display aggregated information in the management team.

Customization — We configure the boards to suit your way of working, or learn to do it yourself.

Usability — Easy to use rather than a lot of difficult menus!

Get started with visualization that will make your team more efficient!

  1. Book an individual demonstration of the platform.

  2. Try the demo boards by yourself. 

  3. Test it! A three-month proof of concept is standard.

Online introduction

45 minutes

Digital Lean boards

Lean boards are the most common area of use for MEVISIO. Always completely customized.

  • Shop floor management

  • Improvement boards with PDCA and Kaizen

  • 5S boards

  • Work environment and safety

  • SQCDP boards 

Industry 4.0

MEVISIO can also be used for digitizing processes within everything from industry to healthcare.

  • Annual planning

  • CRM and sales

  • Resource scheduling

  • Escalation and delegation

  • Project management

Digital pioneers

You will be in good company when you introduce MEVISIO for your digital daily management boards.


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