The Mevisio Way

Have you ever struggled to find the data you need in time for the daily huddle? Did you feel that there must be a better way? Let's see how a manufacturing company can benefit from using Mevisio in its data collection and analysis.

The "Old Way"

Production data is written by hand on paper records throughout the night shift. The foreman collects those sheets, if they can be located, and starts to compile the data at 7am when the shift ends. The day shift starts producing without knowing what the results were but continues to make product.

Around 9am the data is available to review during the production meeting, but only the supervisors have had a chance to review so there is no meaningful discussion or analysis. Around 11am the department leader has had a chance to review last night's data, make some decisions and perhaps provide some guidance to the team. Many of the issues that were reported last night have already been worked out, with new ones now happening, but those are not visible because they are on paper.

The team struggles to make any real impact throughout the day, and by the time anything has changed, the shift is almost over and the process starts all over again.

The Mevisio Way

Production data is getting loaded into the shop floor collection stations throughout the evening production shift. The department leader can review current data while drinking his coffee, getting ready to head for the office. By the time he arrives for the production meeting at 7am, there is meaningful discussion and direction given. The production team can respond in real time to the analysis, and the shift can be impacted before 9am with several hours of positive production happening the rest of the day.

As the day goes on, the team is able to pivot and adapt to whatever challenges or issues arise based on real time data continuing to feed into the system.

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