Partner up with Mevisio

Let’s grow your business together. Explore our partner levels, find the option that is right for you and get in touch.

Benefits of partnering with Mevisio

Offer a complete solution

By combining Mevisio with your current services you can provide a complete solution to your customers.

Expand your business

Using the Mevisio platform can open doors for your business and attract new customers.

Deliver Industry 4.0 to your customers

Build your company’s expertise in Industry 4.0 by partnering with Mevisio.

Partner levels

Sales Partner

You drive the first steps of the sales process, then we step in to finalize the proposal and close the agreement. We also handle the development and support after the agreement is signed.

Solution Partner

We provide you with the training you need to customize Mevisio to suit your customers requirements. After the training, you perform the platform customization, implementation and support for the customer.

Audio and video installers

Are you building conference rooms and office environments for companies, schools or hospitals? Then you’ve probably already experienced the potential of touchscreens. We’re confident that many other companies are also starting to see the benefits of touchscreens, and require software to make the most of them.

Management consultant agencies

Do you use data visualization techniques to help guide your customers? Perhaps you work with Lean or Agile methodologies. As a Mevisio partner you can see your vision come to life with digital boards designed for your specific concept.

Software resellers

Do you already have a portfolio of different cloud or hardware solutions that you provide to your customers? Expand it with Mevisio, a unique solution for flexible data visualization. The platform has a wide range of applications and is easy to integrate with other tools.

Our Partners

Virtual Manufacturing helps companies with expertise in Lean-based production development products and services. Mevisio is a natural extension of Virtual Manufacturing’s offerings, and customers can receive complete solutions from a single supplier.
Solution Partner
The Netherlands
TMC is a unique company made up of self-starting, highly skilled technical professionals. For TMC's consultants, Mevisio is a tool that their “employneurs” can add to their skill set and bring to their customers as experts in Lean Management.
Solution Partner
U² Lean consulting services range from production, to administrative and to development processes. The strong cooperation with Mevisio offers U² customers great benefits, which result from the profound Lean competence of U² and practical implementation know-how combined with excellent visualisation expertise.
Sales Partner
WEquel offers consulting services focusing on critical issues and opportunities in Supply Chain & Operations, Digital Lean and Industry 4.0. Mevisio is a good match for WEquel’s ambition to bring innovative, value adding, holistic perspective and quality that shape the future.
Solution Partner
Connection is a Fortune 1000 Global Solutions Provider that connects people with technology to enhance growth, elevate productivity and empower innovation. The unique flexibility of the Mevisio platform matched perfectly with the needs of Connection’s customers in the government sector.
Sales Partner
Office Management Group is owned by Inter IKEA, and has a strong history in audio and video equipment for conference rooms. For Office Management, Mevisio is an important software for their customers investing in touch screens. As a reseller of both, the customers get a complete solution.
Sales Partner