Become a MEVISIO partner

We are happy to work with you to see the added value of MEVISIO for your customers. The platform is offered together with or as a complement to your existing products and services.

Audio & video installers

Are you working with building conference rooms and office environments for companies, schools, or hospitals? Then you probably have already seen the potential in the use of touchscreens. We think it will soon be obvious for companies to invest in touchscreens instead of projectors. For that, they also require software built for touch.

Management consultant agencies

Do you have a concept where visualization is one of the foundation pillars? Maybe you work with Lean or Agile? With MEVISIO, you can get extra high impact on your concept and also help your customer maintain the profits. For example, you can have a complete kit with digital boards specially designed for your concept.

IT companies

Do you already have a portfolio of different IT solutions or hardware solutions that you provide to your customers? Expand it with MEVISIO, a unique solution for extremely flexible visualization. The platform has a wide range of applications and is easy to integrate with other tools.

Be a part of the revolution!

Let’s digitize the Daily Management in Lean Six Sigma

We see a huge demand for digitizing the work of leading the business with boards and daily stand up meetings. As the platform offers a high degree of customization, customers prefer to have contact with someone who speak their language.

Examples of partner companies

Kontor-X is a part of the Office Management group and has provided audio and video equipment for conference rooms for a considerable number of years.

For Kontor-X, MEVISIO is an important software for their customers investing in touchscreens. As a reseller of both, Kontor-X provides its customers a complete solution.

C2U group is a management consultancy agency focusing on Lean Six Sigma, Leadership, and Strategy deployment.

For C2U, MEVISIO is a perfect complement to their consultancy services. With the combination of our unique tools and coaching, the customers get better results in their improvement programs.

Virtual Manufacturing helps their customers with expertise in Lean-based production development products and services.

For Virtual Manufacturing, MEVISIO is a natural part of their offering. Their customers are very pleased to be able to get everything they need from a single supplier.

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