How to build a complete management system for the daily operations


Daily management, or daily huddle, has been successfully used by many companies for their planning and follow-up of the daily operations. The methodology is often used in parts of the organization, but how do you expand it to a complete Lean daily management system?
Most of our customers have based their daily management on the theory and experience from Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System, where principles for visualization and problem solving are important components for increased quality, service and profitability.

The daily meeting is a vital part of a successful business

By visualizing goals, plans, and deviations on large boards and having short meetings every day, an even rhythm (or "pulse" as we say in Sweden) is created by solving problems directly and steering the operations towards the goals.

Digitizing the boards can increase the performance of the daily management by adding digital features like escalation procedures, personal views, deployment of KPIs, aggregation of results, and providing a clear link between KPI and actions. This is very hard to accomplish when using analog whiteboards. Book an online meeting with us to discuss this topic further.

Visual boards for each part of the business

In MEVISIO, each board can be tailored to fit the needs of each team in the organization. The boards can also be connected to each other to form a structure so that each board plays its role in the complete management system. A complete system for the lean daily operations management

A complete system for the daily management processes

By providing the right boards with the right information at each tier in the organization, every team can take action on problems and opportunities of their responsibility. At the same time, managers can ensure that the team activities are aligned with the overall targets of the company.

The illustration shows an example of a link from top management strategies and overall business goals and initiatives, down to day-to-day operations in all departments. The secret is to make the boards on each organizational level suitable for their respective area of daily responsibility.

It's also possible to set up a structure where the boards reflect and aggregate information bottom-up so that the top-level quickly can get an overview of the situation in the business in real-time. By adding escalation features for problems, it's possible for the teams to get help fast before the problem gets too big.

Benefits of using digital boards in the whole organization

The main benefit of using digital visualization boards for the daily management processes is the possibility to increase the performance of daily operations. Since daily management gives very good results there are great benefits to all parts of the organization using the methodology.

There are usually direct benefits of daily management for each team such as increased efficiency, shorter lead times and higher improvement rate. These benefits will probably be realized for each team that uses the boards. When the whole organization works in the same way it is possible to see a positive effect also on the overall KPIs and to start planning for how to reach even tougher goals.

For some companies, a digital daily management system can enable the realization of an improved business model with increased service levels towards the customer. Extended service levels can be the basis for a price increase or an increase in sales.


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