Digital Lean boards for visual daily management

By bringing together the power of visualization from Lean production with the advantages of the digital world, we have created a platform where you can tailor everything from daily management boards to improvement and KPI boards.

More value for less work

The concept of Lean production was first mentioned in a study carried out by MIT and was used to describe Toyota's unique work strategy, the so-called Toyota Production System. The Japanese company, during the post-war period, had developed a slim and streamlined way of working to make the production flow, minimize waste of resources and create more value for less work.

The world soon realized its benefits and the concept spread internationally. Today, Lean production is a widespread approach that affects everything from leadership to designing work tools and processes. Lean is widely applied in several industries - in factories as well as in healthcare, administration and real estate.

Visualization and Performance control system

One of the main principles of Lean production is to dare to highlight setbacks and problems in order to be as effective as possible. You often talk about the Japanese lake; by lowering the water level the problems are made visible. The concept means that we do not always allow ourselves to see the problems, but by visualizing they reveal themselves.

And that is exactly what our digital lean boards are about. By visualizing information in the right way, you can quickly form an objective view at first glance and take care of the problems that occur. Each board is tailor-made to help you both streamline the dissemination of information and deliver customer value in a smarter way.

Below are examples of some of the solutions we can create for your business. By implementing all types of boards, you get a complete Performance control system for your business.

Daily huddle, shop floor management, SQCDP

The most common of all Lean boards we create is that of daily control. The board can have names such as Daily huddle, Shop floor management or SQCDP (for Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People) and is about getting control of the daily operations by aggregating and summarizing information from each team. With a board like this you get a concrete overview of the most important things for the day. In Sweden we call it a Pulse board for the steady rhythm it creates and aims for.

Improvement Board

With an improvement board, you get help to look at more comprehensive and long-term improvement issues. Each team can submit proposals and escalate cards that need to be decided by management. Whether you want to improve routines, processes or entire strategies, the improvement board is your best friend.

Kaizen board for the management team

A kaizen board for the management is a form of improvement board that gives you an overview of escalations and delegations between different departments and teams. Around a kaizen board, the management team can gather to, for example, make decisions on escalated issues and ensure that the business is constantly improving.

Plan-Do-Check Act, PDCA

The PDCA wheel is a well-known methodology used to plan, implement, control and introduce new improvements. With such a board, you can easily move around the improvement tasks in the PDCA wheel just as you had done with post-it notes on a whiteboard.

Six Sigma

Visualization boards can be of great benefit in more long-term Six Sigma projects. For example, with a Six Sigma customized board, you can work in-depth with detailed analyzes, perform improvements according to the Define Measure Analyze Implement Control (DMAIC) method, and support your project members by visualizing everything from progress, goals, analysis results, tests, tasks, and roles.

Risk board

With our unique risk boards, you can also identify and visualize opportunities and risks. By evaluating on likelihood and consequence, you get a risk number and can thus map out all potential outcomes in different areas of the business. These can then be aggregated up to the management, who gets a clear overview of where in the process the risks exist.

Work environment and safety

Visibility of accidents and incidents at the workplace can have major effects in an improved safety behavior of your staff. Since accidents are marked with red in the Safety Cross model, everyone can see that something has happened. The information can also be enhanced by taking a picture with the mobile phone and attaching it to the report from the scene of the accident, so that everyone can become aware of which security risks exist in the workplace and also engage in eliminating them continuously.

Patient safety with the digital Safety Cross

With the Safety Cross for patient safety, you that are responsible for a care department can digitally visualize injuries and risks in the same way as with accidents and incidents within the work environment. The Safety Cross for patient safety was one of the first things we developed in MEVISIO, already in spring 2017 for Region Halland and later that year also for Region Skåne in Sweden, which probably makes it the world's first application of the digital Safety Cross for patient safety! In the cross, green means OK, and therefore you strive towards a green cross (instead of a red cross which normally stands for injuries and is also the symbol of the emergency reception).


Toyota's five S have been used successfully for decades to stabilize processes and create order and efficiency. With a digitized 5S board you can streamline and maintain the way you work and thereby ensure a safe workplace.

You can also plan follow-ups and team 5S audits, and revise the various results continuously.

KPI, target management board

By highlighting key figures and KPIs in a target management board, all employees can see how it goes for the business. It displays both current status and history for different targets and key figures, and visualizes the data in charts. If a goal is not achieved, you can easily add it as a new card to an improvement board.

Kanban board

Kanban boards (or so-called Scrumboards) are a very popular method for visualizing and streamlining processes. The board divides the process into different stages, which the jobs can then be moved between in small iterative development steps. This results in a more even development work with more ongoing deliveries.

All this, and much more, can be created in MEVISIO - the digital platform for visualization and teamwork.