What is an SQCDP board?

An SQCDP board is used in daily shop floor management to visualize how teams perform on key indicators. The acronym stands for Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People, which all represent common and recommended indicators used within manufacturing companies. The purpose is to highlight problems and drive improvements, and the board should therefore be adapted to your current focus needs so that you are able to direct improvements to critical areas. Read more about daily operations management here.

With an overview of Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People, teams can report deviations and create improvement activities and countermeasures on a daily basis in a simple way based on each day's outcome. Targets and results for each category are displayed in connection with each letter and are updated daily. With an SQCDP board, you get a clear overview of the most important things for the day with the opportunity to report countermeasures that can then be escalated within the organization. The purpose is to identify and solve problems, recognize opportunities and steer your business towards its operational goals.

Suggestions for what an SQCDP board can include


  • Accidents
  • Close calls
  • Safety violations
  • Unsafe work
  • Identified risks
  • Days without injuries


  • Number of nonconformities
  • Customer claims
  • Yield


  • Volume, plan/actual
  • On-time, in-full delivery
  • Lead time


  • Cost deviations
  • Waste and scrap
  • Overtime costs
  • Inventory costs


  • Motivation
  • Personnel changes
  • Skill development

Benefits of an SQCDP board

  • Better control of daily work results
  • Increased engagement and safety awareness
  • Better control of improvement activities
  • Improved quality in communication

The 1-3-10 second rule
The SQCDP board should be a simple way to access important information very quickly, which is normally done through the 1-3-10 second rule.

After one second
Be able to identify whether or not there has been a deviation on the team board.
Quickly recognizable with a red marker on a specific date.

After three seconds
Be able to identify the issue and see if there has been a countermeasure for it.

After ten seconds
Have a detailed overview of the countermeasure and the person responsible for it.


The order of the letters SQCDP can be changed to a number of different variations, such as SQDCP, SQDIP, SQDCPE, SQCD, QDIP, SKLEM or +DIP (+ means the safety cross). The variation will depend on which KPIs are most important for each organization and team. With the Mevisio platform, you can create customized boards to suit your organization's unique needs. Start from scratch or use custom templates to create boards based on how you work.

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