New board for continuous improvement (Kaizen)

Your best ideas can pop up wherever and whenever. Then isn’t it amazing that there's finally an improvement board that you have access to online and can also meet your team colleagues by and run fast improvement meetings?


It is possible to create almost any board in MEVISIO, but one that we are passionate about is the one for continuous improvement (or Kaizen) because everyone in any organization can benefit from using it. Therefore, we have developed a ready-made solution that you can get started with right away.

A little guide about some of the goodies in it:

  • Run it online with your computer and from your tablet;
  • Send a suggestion from your phone, which includes a picture snapped with your phone’s camera;
  • Send suggestions to other boards; and
  • Escalate suggestions to the management team, who hopefully will give their thumbs up in their decision board.

All suggestions and actions are handled with cards that you move between different weeks and PDCA-phases (Plan, Do, Check, Act). There are also many other features such as sending mail with reminders, gaining metrics and history, assigning responsibility for various activities and improvement projects, and more.

This ready-made solution consists of three different parts. In the actual improvement board, the team puts in its activities and manages them on a regular basis. They can also send suggestions to other teams and escalate cards that need to be decided by the management. You can add multiple improvement boards, which is done in the administration section. There you can also define selectable categories and statuses. The third part is for the management, and they can use it to decide on escalated suggestions and delegate activities to different teams. In the management’s board, there are also current and historical statistics.

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