Reflections from Hannover Messe

In 2018, we participated in Fast Track Germanya program giving small and medium-sized companies an introduction to the German market. During the final days in Germany, a visit to the Hannover Messe took place and we learned that Sweden was going to be the partner country the year after. The timing could not have been more perfect. During the year that followed, Mevisio formed valuable connections in Germany and initiated several promising dialogues with potential customers and partners. And we looked forward to the 2019 edition of the fair.

Preparations & expectations

After months of preparation from our side, and probably years of preparation by Business Sweden, the week finally arrived. Our expectations were high, since the event so perfectly matched our plans for market entry in Germany and the technology shift in manufacturing that is happening right now. And our expectations were exceeded. The Swedish pavilion itself, of which we were a part, was a perfect demonstration of Sweden’s ability to host a great event with tasteful design, inspiring talks and a welcoming atmosphere. And to throw a good party - as demonstrated on the Partner Country Night. Also, the response that we got from visitors to our demo station were overwhelming and triggers us to move even faster. 

The Hannover Messe started with an opening ceremony featuring speeches by Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven and performances by artist Loreen and others. The fair was officially opened by Merkel and Löfven during the inauguration Monday morning, that also included a walk through the pavilion and visits to some of the demo stations where they could try out new technology like 3D printing and virtual real

The theme of the Swedish partnership was “Sweden Co-Lab”, as in collaboration between corporations and startups, focusing on innovation, sustainability, digitalization and globalization. The theme perfectly framed Mevisio:s ambitions to take our digital platform to a global community of medium and large-sized companies that want to be more innovative in their operational control and daily management. We are truly grateful that our big clientslike Volvo, AstraZeneca and FläktGrouphave the right mindset to work with startups like ourselves.

The Sweden Co-Lab

When we exhibit MEVISIO on our large 65 inch touch screen we usually get a good response from visitors that want to try it out for themselves. During the Hannover Messe, we also integrated the platform with solutions from SkyMaker and NYLI Metrology as part of the Co-Lab theme. Since interoperability is a must-have today, we had no problem with building a complete flow from order to quality assurance. In SkyMaker, you could customize the product (with predefined parameters) and send the order straight into Mevisio (they have the customized CAD drawings too). There, we distributed the order to an available production cell from a Mevisio board. When the order was marked for QA, NYLI fetched the cleanliness settings from the order and reported back the result from flushing and filter analysis, including particle count and an image.

During the week we had the pleasure to talk with people from all over the world and we are looking forward to take the discussion further with potential customers, partners and investors. Some of the comments that we got made us really happy and the visitors seemed to appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of the Mevisio platforma confirmation that our priorities are right.

Mevisio would like thank Business Sweden for a fantastic arrangement and having us as a part of the Swedish pavilion, and we hope that there will be more opportunities of this kind in the future. Our own journey in Germany, and the rest of the world, will continue with even more ambition and dedication. 🇩🇪

Team from Mevisio



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