ISO 27001 Certification

Information security has always been important for Mevisio. Not only because it is important for our customers—which it is—but also because we realise that operating a cloud service today requires full attention to potential threats and risks and how to avoid them. With information security, we mean that information is managed with respect to its confidentiality, integrity and availability. This means that the information should be protected against unauthorized access and unintended modification, and be accessible when needed.

Internally, we call our management system “The Square” because it sets the boundaries for what activities are appropriate or allowed in any given situation. Innovation and rapid development is part of our DNA, but sometimes you just have to stay within the box.

Certified management system

Our management system is now certified to ISO 27001. ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management and defines requirements on how to manage a company related to information security. The standard put a big emphasis on risk management and how to work proactively to prevent adverse events. The certification body that performed the audit is accredited by a government agency. 

Mevisio CEO, Marcus Wejderot, says that “the trust that our customers have put in our platform, and in our company, requires us to handle their information with care and in the most secure way possible. We are committed to continuously improving the system. This is when we think outside the box. Just because there’s a written instruction doesn’t mean there’s not a better way.”

ISO 27001 shadow-1

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