Pharmaceutical company saves time by using digital screens

Our customer in the pharmaceutical industry has changed their analogue ways - and they’re not looking back. To make business more efficient, digitalization was a must. Mevisio was an obvious and integral part of that solution. Want to find out more? Read on.

As a multinational organization with tens of thousands of employees, the pharmaceutical company had long grown used to running their day-to-day operations using whiteboards. And, as is the case for so many other companies, the whiteboards used up valuable resources unnecessary, not to mention being visually uninspiring. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to have to prep the board, erase everything, print out paper, etc, before every pulse meeting – which was highly inefficient. The solution was digitalization.

A lot of people missed information

Another problem with physical management boards is that all the information from pulse meetings has no way of being stored. For employees to stay up to date, they had to physically be at the meeting, which inevitably resulted in a lot of people missing critical information. With the onset of the pandemic this simply wouldn’t have been possible.

“We now recognize the benefit of everyone having access to information remotely. The work that goes into preparing meetings is streamlined and we can easily save meeting notes and information so that they can be accessed later on”, says the Maintenance Manager.

Integration and Escalation

“The fact that Mevisio was able to be fully integrated with our current systems was one of the biggest advantages,” continues the Maintenance Manager. The ability to easily escalate information up the management chain was also a crucial feature.”

“There are clear advantages of being able to easily and consistently distribute up-to-date information and checklists to the right people,” the Maintenance Manager goes on to say. 

The Best Option

When it came to choosing the system, Mevisio’s easy-to-use interface was the deciding factor for the pharmaceutical company. Additionally, it was very important for them to have the ability to develop and design the platform to fit the specific problems that pop up in their processes. The pharmaceutical company also looked into other digital solutions, but a lot of other systems were non-standardized tools that required more work and entailed higher security risks. 

A Smooth Transition

The pharmaceutical company was used to working with analogue methods, but that didn’t mean the transition and move towards digital boards was difficult. Here you can read more about how to get started quickly with Mevisio.

“The numerous pros outweighed the cons. It was a natural step forward, and the transition to digital went very smoothly, both technically and for users – no one wants to go back to how things were before. In today’s working environment, there are obvious benefits of everyone having access to all the information remotely,” the Maintenance Manager explains.

Why Mevisio is the Best

The Maintenance Manager highlights that Mevisio’s interactive pulse boards have given the pharmaceutical company a clear overview of how the company’s doing, which makes it easier to send resources where they’re needed. But that isn’t the only advantage.

“The system is easy to access and more visual for increased efficiency. We appreciate the simplicity and the fact that the system has an interface that we can work with ourselves,” he concludes.

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