New boards in our demo account

The demo account is updated with new boards that highlight features in the platform.

In the new version of our demo account, you will find examples of the following use cases.

Daily Huddle (Daily Management)

There is both a simple one with a basic layout that anyone can use, and one that is more advanced in the demo. The Daily Huddle board is the one that we customize the most for each case.

Tier Boards

Daily management with interconnected boards that let the information flow through all levels in the organization. The new demo includes an example of strategy deployment together with escalation of issues.

Shop Floor Management

Boards with SQCDP, SQDIP and +QLE examples, now with Pareto charts too. We also showcase how you can interconnect the shop floor management board with the continuous improvement board.

Continuous Improvement

Our popular PDCA boards is of course still there, with the possibility to use an A3 for root cause analysis. Now, we also have an example with an even simpler version to get started with.


If you are new to visual management, we recommend you to start with the 5S and the Daily Huddle board. The old 5S demo board is improved, and we have also added a more advanced one for those of you that are considering a layered audit process.

The demo also includes manufacturing examples for Andon, Takt and Day by Hour. We'd love to have you exploring the new demo, please ask for a login account or visit the demo site if you already have a login. We are also happy to demonstrate the platform in a one-to-one meeting where we can tell you more about the possibilities to customize the boards for your needs. 


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