Meet Mevisio at the ‘Lean Around the Clock’ Conference

What would life be without relations? Lonesome, probably. At Mevisio, we spend a lot of time building and nurturing relationships with existing and new contacts. We have already attended several events this year and are now looking forward to meeting industry professionals and Lean practitioners at the Lean Around the Clock Conference in Mannheim, Germany, on March 19-20.

We will join U2 (U-Quadrat) for this event. Attendees can meet us in the theme box during the conference where you will get insights into how digitizing daily management, meetings, activities, planning, and distribution of tasks looks like when using the Mevisio platform. Visitors can expect to walk away with practical advice and guidance on how to take your Lean journey further.

We asked Mats Ljungqvist, VP of Sales and Co-Founder at Mevisio, why attending this conference is important to him:

“The world we live in is becoming more and more digital. Most organizations want to become more efficient by using technology and digitization in a better way. This is also true for manufacturing and healthcare organizations working according to Lean principles. However, one of the cornerstones of Lean management is the importance of each team member, their well-being and how they contribute to accelerating continuous improvement. At Mevisio, we believe in working smarter and more efficiently by using technology in a way that enhances interactions between team members, thus making the organization more efficient. The Lean Around the Clock conference is a great opportunity for us to meet highly skilled and respected Lean practitioners. On top of that, Germany has a large manufacturing industry and we see great growth potential for Mevisio here.”

Why use digital boards?

For organizations working with Lean, the shop floor management boards are essential tools for operational control and continuous improvement. Today, the majority of boards are physical whiteboards, resulting in ineffective communication between departments, time-consuming updates, and no way to analyze historical data. Mevisio provides a digital platform for daily management, allowing teams to meet in front of a large touch screen instead. This way, we keep the benefits daily huddle meetings bring (such as higher employee engagement) and add the features of digital tools (such as data analysis and fast communication).

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