Like a Digital Whiteboard - But Better

The whiteboard is the nucleus of the workplace - the first thing you see when you go in for your morning meeting, and where business and all its daily operations are drawn out and planned. Despite its central role, a lot of companies see the whiteboard as an unnecessary time-waster, not to mention visually uninspiring. 

The fact that someone has to go into the meeting room before the actual meeting to prepare the board - erasing old writing, printing paper, and doing anything else that needs to be done - is nothing short of a nuisance. Your employees’ time is worth more than that. 

Digitization is the Solution 

Our boards are just like normal whiteboards - but so much better. Information is presented in a way that is not only clearer, but also more visually inspiring. And our boards would be incomplete if they didn’t save every piece of information. That way, information can be reused and shared between different screens as needed. Digital whiteboards also let you work with live, real-time data that can be used to chart out tables and analyses, increasing the effectiveness of your meetings significantly. Find out more about visual management here.

To sum it all up, Mevisio lets you do everything you’ve already been doing, and so much more. We live in a future-facing, digitized world with endless possibilities. So why are your morning meetings stuck in the 90s? You’d never do your work on a 30-year old computer. So why are your meetings any different?

Like a Tablet - But Bigger

Most of our boards are actually large touchscreens. That might sound extravagant, but trust us when we say: it is worth it! For starters, user-friendliness. Our boards provide the same sensation of using a big tablet, and the chances are that your employees will feel right at home using them.

Meetings are also a lot more interesting from the participants’ perspective when the speaker uses the board as a visual prop, instead of sitting glued to the mouse and keyboard. And let’s get one thing straight: touchscreens look cool. Who doesn’t want to use a touchscreen to present and flip through information seamlessly like Tom Cruise in Minority Report? Read more about the benefits with visualization here.

Screen Size Recommendations

The size of the touchscreen will depend primarily on the amount of people who will be at the meeting, gathered around the screen, as well as how many hours a day the screen will be used. At Mevisio, we recommend:

  • 5 people: 65 inches
  • 10 people: 75 inches

20 or more people: 86 inches or a projector. For screens this size, you won’t necessarily need touch functionality.

You need InGlass touch technology or better.

Ultra HD/4K resolution. If you’re using a built-in web browser, make sure to check the available resolution. An external computer may be needed.

Browsers built with Chromium technology no more than two years old, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

Going Digital in 5 Simple Steps 

  • Make sure the entire company is involved in the implementation phase. Let everyone know internally why you’re going digital and what the timeline looks like. That way, you’ll increase employee engagement and everyone will be on the same page.
  • Start small and slowly build out your digital toolbox across the company. This will not only make evaluating results easier, but it will also shorten the start-up phase. 
  • Be clear about your goals and expectations with going digital - clear goals make measuring results easier. 
  • Put together the right team to take on the transition. Remember, it’s not just about implementing technology. Transitioning to digital consists of many different steps, including strategy planning, implementation, transition management and support in the post-transition. 
  • Train your employees on how to use the digital tools available to them. The more they understand the product and understand how it will help make their jobs easier, the smoother the transition will be.
Here you can read more about how the get started quickly with Mevisio.


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