Digital boards for Daily Lean Management

MEVISIO’s digital lean boards allow teams to share critical information in real-time. By sharing data and solutions to issues and challenges, teams are more efficient as issues only have to be resolved once even if you’re in a different room or even at a different physical location. If an organization is operating with physical whiteboards, using information from different departments and locations becomes close to impossible.


Global organizations often work with customized standards and solutions to meet their specific needs. With MEVISIO, organizations can setup boards and re-use them at multiple locations globally to ensure consistency in management and production. At the moment, the platform supports 15 different languages making it easy to adopt across the globe.

It takes a lot of work with physical boards. To stripe a board takes about 1–2 hours. If each team has its own board, it will take a lot of time even if it is the same design on the board. In MEVISIO, you can reuse the same design for all teams and can also spread it globally as we support multiple languages. MEVISIO can be applied in both large and small organizations where access to real-time data is essential to make the right decisions, every day.

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