Increased patient safety through visualization and employee engagement

Implementing Lean in healthcare means constantly trying to improve the level of care - for both employees and patients. To achieve that goal, an emergency clinic in the county of Skåne, in southern Sweden, made the switch to Mevisio’s digital huddle boards. This was the result!

Reporting incidents shouldn’t be hard

Before making the switch, the emergency clinic used paper forms to report cases manually. That method wasted employees’ time and energy - time and energy that could have gone to patients. As a result, there were a few hurdles to overcome, but the growth potential was huge. 

Clear Checklist for the Product 

The customer had a clear understanding of what they were looking for. They wanted an easy-to-use system that employees could use to share information, submit reports and track referrals. The system had to be simple, flexible and easy to use, without lots of advanced features. The logistics and processes were already in place. The customer just needed to find a suitable system that could be used to simplify day-to-day operations. 

“We already knew exactly how we wanted the information presented and which parts to include. We were looking for the right system to make information manageable and easy for employees”, says Anton Ingoldsson, patient safety coordinator at Helsingborg’s emergency clinic.

The Nerve Center of the Workplace 

If you’ve ever worked at a large and hectic workplace with many different teams, you probably know that there is a big risk that information can be inaccessible or misinterpreted. When spoken information is passed on, it turns into a game of “Telephone” – as the message can easily change the further down the line it travels. Proposals and feedback that have to be submitted in-person also run the risk of not being completed due to time constraints. 

With Mevisio, those problems are a thing of the past. Information can be visualized and shared between different levels in the organization: vertically, up to management and down to the teams, or horizontally between teams. In many ways, Mevisio acts as the workplace’s nerve center, constantly sending information all throughout the organization. Click here if you want to learn more about visual management.


Today, Mevisio’s boards are an integral part of the emergency clinic’s daily operations. Employees simply look at the boards for an instant understanding of where things are and what has to be done. Work teams also feel better informed and more involved.

“One of the biggest advantages is being able to review ongoing processes. The fact that it’s so easy to keep track of ongoing improvements makes everyone feel more like a team,” Anton says.

Increased Engagement 

Anton goes on to say that he feels like the work teams’ care and attention to safety has gone up. They now report more cases than they did before. Overall, they also feel more involved in the development of the organization.    

“It’s now easier for us to identify risks and, together with employees, conduct faster analyses by keeping close tabs on those risks and increasing interest in risk awareness,” Anton explains.

Easy to Get Started

One of the customer’s requirements for the product was the ability to integrate the platform into their current workflows.

“The transition away from old workflows was quick and easy since we already had processes and routines in place, and Mevisio lets us work in a near identical way with the same processes,” says Anton.

Another benefit that Anton points out is the ability to modify the platform internally based on the needs that arise in the organization ... 

“Mevisio is a simple and flexible system that we’re able to configure ourselves”

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