How the Mevisio Platform Integrates with Other Tools

Integrating the Mevisio platform at work doesn’t mean you have to stop using the tools you rely on day in, day out. Mevisio is compatible with many other systems, and can accommodate a wide range of integration requirements. Want to show production numbers and KPIs in real-time? What about presenting important data from yesterday’s late night in the office in your morning meeting? All of that is possible, and so much more. 

By integrating the Mevisio platform with your other systems, you can streamline your processes and minimize busy workloads. In this blog post, we’ll tell you what integrating our platform looks like, how it works and why you should do it. 

One integration - multiple possibilities  

We offer two main options for integrating our platform with your system. What option is best for you and your company will depend on your goals and needs. The first question is always, "What do you want to achieve with the Mevisio platform?" There are essentially two methods for transferring data: the process is initiated by Mevisio, where we retrieve data from your system (pull), or alternatively, your system sends data to Mevisio (push). 

Option 1: Pull

This first option will require you to give Mevisio access to the data in your system. Communication is usually done through HTTP. This can be accomplished either with a standardized API in your system or by developing your own service with an exposed API. We can also connect to a database with direct access to relevant tables or views. To be able to use this method, your system needs to be accessible remotely.

A range of different factors can trigger the data transfer, which will be based on what you want and need from the Mevisio platform. Factors include, when a user opens a board or presses a specific button, or even a specific time of day, i.e. working or shift hours.

Option 2: Push

This option will require your system to send Mevisio data on a regular basis, for example, every night. With this option, Mevisio doesn’t need access to your internal system. Instead, you only transfer the data that you’d like to integrate with the Mevisio platform on a regular basis. 

Can Mevisio be integrated with my current systems, similar to my business system?

Great question and one that we commonly hear. The beautiful thing about the Mevisio platform is that it’s not a question of if, but how can it be integrated to best meet your needs. As long as we have access to the right information in the right format, it is very likely that our platform will be compatible with your system. 

In most cases, we retrieve all the information that you need on the boards from a database, instead of going directly into your business system. To iron out the details of your specific integration, we recommend setting up a call between your IT technicians and ours. For the call, make sure you can answer the following five questions:

  1. What information is going to be presented on the boards? And how do you want that information visualized, for example, in a diagram, graph, figures, a red/green color-coding system, or a table?
  2. Can the information be presented as is, or do figures need to be calculated before they’re presented on the boards?
  3. What system do you currently use to house that information?
  4. How can Mevisio access that system remotely?
  5. How often will information be transferred (continuously, daily, monthly)?

Presenting reports from Power Bl, Qlik, Tableau or files from Microsoft 365 directly on your boards

Another simple integration option allows you to display embedded reports from another system on your boards. We have a dedicated module for that. All you have to do is copy and paste a link generated by the other system and you can present diagrams and other reports on the boards in real-time. You can also use it, to present a spreadsheet on the board if your company uses Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. 

Digitalize your Lean strategy by connecting Mevisio with Microsoft Teams or Slack

One of the advantages of using Mevisio to digitalize your daily huddles and workflows is that it streamlines your company’s internal communication, whether you’re in meetings and in front of the boards or not. Having your system send out important information in Teams or Slack channels is a great way to keep everyone up to date. 

And we can take care of all or parts of the integration process

Integrating our platform with your software and systems doesn’t have to be time-consuming on your end. In most cases, we can take care of almost everything on our end. If the integration is being done with a standard system where we already have an existing API, we can even take care of almost all of the integration without even needing your IT team’s help. 

What Does All This Mean in Practice? 

In a nutshell it means data can be easily shared between the Mevisio platform and your systems. The platform functions as an extension of your current system. 

To give an example, here’s a soluton we came up with for a customer in the manufacturing industry. The company has a large amount of production machines, their current system manages machine data, allowing them to quickly quality check and analyze the health of the machines. The system also includes a feature that allows employees to submit feedback. 

We integrated this system with the Mevisio platform so that both feedback and data are sent to the Mevisio boards. The company now uses this information in meetings with the boards. Once feedback is addressed, the company mark it as completed, and the two systems update accordingly. In other words, the systems work in harmony.

Keeping you data safe

When integrating the Mevisio platform with other tools, security is a paramount concern, and we have implemented robust measures to ensure that your data remains safe throughout the integration process. Understanding the importance of protecting sensitive information, Mevisio employs a multi-layered security approach designed to safeguard data against unauthorized access, breaches, and other cyber threats. This includes industry-standard encryption techniques to secure data in transit and at rest. 

What are the Advantages?

If everyone is given access to data, data is democratized. We believe that information becomes more valuable when it is shared. Additionally, the ability to collect data from several different places and compile it in one spot is very practical and makes it easier than ever to get a quick overview of everything. 

Based on your goals and needs, we’ll help you find the optimal method to integrate our platform, so that your work can be even more efficient, with essential data available directly in the Mevisio platform. 

Contact us if you want to find out more about integrating your system with Mevisio 

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