Platform features

MEVISIO is a platform with extremely high flexibility around what information you can view and how you interact with the content. Everything is delivered in the cloud.

Interactive boards

The boards feature a touchscreen interface, which makes it intuitive to point, drag, or manually type directly on the screen. You can also use voice commands. Of course, it also works with a regular mouse and keyboard.

Linked boards

By connecting several different boards together, for example, the management team can get an overall picture of what is going on in the business. It is also possible to escalate and delegate activities and send suggestions to different team boards.

Custom boards

Just like a physical whiteboard, it's possible to design your boards almost exactly the way you want. Things like layout, modules, data fields, colors, and headings can be customized.


You decide how your boards will look. The boards have features for different modules such as indicators for key figures and planning tables. This makes the configuration very efficient.


MEVISIO can be paired with other systems such as a business system. This way you do not have to move data manually, and the boards are always up to date with the latest information.


For example, with the mobile, you can submit suggestions and activities to the board. You can also take a picture with your camera on your phone and add to the suggestions so that you can view the picture on the board during the meeting.


The platform is developed to handle different languages on titles, forms, and lists. This allows you to share your board throughout the group. It also makes the continuous development of the boards efficient as updates are available on all boards at the same time.


To help you remember your tasks or to be notified of new events on the board, there is the possibility of receiving messages via email, SMS, and services such as Slack. You can also send an email to the board.


For example, if you want to get an important message or instruction to all teams, you can add a movie or a picture to the boards. You just have to put it in one place, and it can be directly seen on the boards of the concerned team.

Cloud service

The platform is offered as a cloud service, which means you do not need to install any software. All that is needed is a browser. It also means that you will always have the latest version of the platform.

Access everywhere

Regardless of where you or your employees are in the world, you always have access to the boards via the internet on a computer, mobile, or tablet. Everything is updated in real time.


Security has been given the highest priority in the development of the platform. Conventional standards are used to protect data in communication and storage. There is also user authentication management in the boards.

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