Examples of live boards

Each board has been configured entirely according to the customer’s requirements. The implementation at each customer followed a process of fast, iterative work in close collaboration. The boards are used on either large touch screens or regular computers.

Visionary customers

Here you will see examples of what can be achieved in MEVISIO. It's our amazing customers needs of visualization in different ways that drive us to build an even better and more flexible platform.

Most use MEVISIO for digital Lean boards, such as daily shop floor management boards, improvement boards and 5S boards. Click on the button to read more about the possibilities of the different Lean boards.

SQCDP Board for production
The classic Lean Board!

Needs no further explanation?
Daily management for manufacturing
Indicators for safety, delivery, quality, inventory, and line efficiency.
Cards for actions, linked to indicator deviations.
Escalation to the management board.

Simplicity in reporting and follow up.
Actions on deviations.
Information availability
Continuous improvements for hospital
Indicators for improvement work, projects, and patient safety.
Business planning and follow up.
Aggregation of data to management level.

Simplicity in reporting and follow up.
Prioritization of improvements with high effect and low effort.
Tracking of improvement program impact.
Planning board for service workshop
Provision to send cards to other boards;
Inspections reported daily through smartphone;
Indication when a deviation is registered on related targets; and
Link to documents in SharePoint.

Communication between teams;
Clear link from KPI to actions; and
Tracking of improvement program impact.
Andon system for dental clinic
Signal of need for support from each room;
Color code for profession type; and
Direct messages to individuals.

Fast help from the right resource;
Statistics of Andon signals;
Increased productivity; and
Flexibility in variations handling.
Scheduling system for dental clinic
Plan who should be where and when;
Base schedule to be used as a template; and
Personal view for each individual.

Efficiency in the planning process;
Clear picture for reception of what kind of treatments can be placed in each room; and
Scheduled versus working hours follow up.
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The content of the screenshots has been adjusted for customer consideration.

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